Planning Board 3/2/23 via Internet Conference

Open Agenda

Meeting Called to Order 00:00:00

Discussion – Request to MRPC for Walkability Study Update 00:01:39

Update on Hayes Woods Site Walk 00:04:45

Administrative Schedule for Zoning Amendments 00:07:40

Public Hearing – Special Permit for Adult-Use Recreational Marijuana Retail Establishment - 1 Forge Village Road - New England Craft Cultivators 00:13:20

(Assessors’ Parcel 133-11)

Discussion – Multi-family Housing for MBTA Communities - Technical Assistance Update 01:07:02

Project Update: Master Plan RFP 01:13:44

Project Update: Village at Shepley Hill 01:16:25

Project Update: Groton Hill Music Center 01:16:45

Project Update: Bank of America ATM Site Lighting, 167 Main Street 01:24:28

Complete Streets Committee Update 01:25:25

Community Preservation Committee Update 01:27:42

ZBA Updates 01:28:17

Meeting Minutes 01:32:35

Upcoming Planning Board Meeting Schedule 01:36:31

Meeting Adjourned 01:45:20