Groton Select Board 3/27/23

Open Agenda

Pubic Comment Period 00:04:04

Continue Review of Fiscal Year 2024 Proposed Operating Budget 00:07:02

Review Proposed Warrant Articles from the Community Preservation Committee 01:08:34

Consider Opting Out of Vote by Mail for the May 23, 2023 Annual Town Election 01:32:00

Earth Removal Permit Extension Request – Richard Blood – 94 West Main Street, West Groton 01:41:58

Accepting the Town Manager’s Nomination and Appoint Brittain McKinley to the Trails Committee 01:46:51

2023 Spring Town Meeting Warrant Review 01:47:13

Select Board Meeting Schedule Through 2023 Spring Town Meeting 02:41:49

Adopt Proclamation Declaring April 2, 2023 Groton Garden Club Day in Honor of the Club’s 100th Anniversary 02:45:13

Approving a One Day Wine and Malt Beverage License for the Friends of Prescott for an Open Mic Night at the Prescott School on Friday, April 14, 2023 02:48:11

Approving One Day Wine and Malt Beverage License for the Groton Neighbors for an Event at First Parish Church on Friday, May 5, 2023 02:48:32