Conservation Commission 4/25/23


Meeting Called to Order 00:00:00

Extension to Order of Conditions #169-1067, 6 Wyman Road. 00:00:06

Discuss FY23 LAND Grant 00:03:51

Invoices 00:07:40

Notice of Interest: 12-14 Valliria Drive, for the construction of a detached garage. 00:09:37

(MassDEP#not yet rc’vd)

Land Management Acquisition 00:20:21

Approval of Meeting Minutes 00:21:15

Discussion on a change to the site plan at 3 Highland Road 00:25:02

(additional tree removal) (MassDEP#169-1221)

Notice of Intent: (cont.) 68 Boston Road, for the re-construction of a former building. 00:35:40


Committee Updates 00:45:44

Order of Conditions 00:51:16

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