Conservation Commission 5/9/23

Open Agenda

Meeting Called to Order 00:00:00

Paugus Trail at Groton Woods Conservation Area - Construction of Trail Bridges 00:00:39

3 Highland Road, Removal of Trees In The Buffer Zone 00:13:55

Pepperell Road R.O.W., Installation/Extension of a Water Main 00:27:12

Sargisson Beach, Addition of New Beach Sand 00:40:29

COC, 111 Wintergreen Lane 00:47:09

OOC, 68 Boston Road 00:53:38

OOC, 12-14 Valliria, MassDEP#169-1252 01:03:53

Gratuity Road Preliminary Sub-Development 01:20:02

Provide comments to Planning Board.

Shattuck Homestead – Cultural Easements 01:28:54

Discuss FY23 LAND Grant (discuss naming property, acknowledgement sign) 01:33:20

(discuss naming property, acknowledgement sign)

Discuss the turtle nesting area at the “Hayes Development” 01:39:12

Approve Meeting Minutes 01:46:56

New Chapter 01:50:05

Invoices 01:51:58