Groton Select Board 5/15/23

Open Agenda

Meeting Called to Order 00:00:04

Announcements 00:02:37

Ratifying the Town Manager’s Appointment of Patricia DuFresne as the Assistant Finance Director/Town Accountant 00:04:48

Ratifying the Town Manager’s Appointment of Cathleen Berry as the Interdepartmental Administrative Assistant 00:08:42

Ratifying the Town Manager’s Appointment of James Wheeler as a Member of the Groton Country Club Grounds Staff 00:10:18

Select Board Meeting Schedule Through Labor Day 00:10:36

Appointing Tony Serge to the Council on Aging with a Term to Expire on June 30, 2024 00:12:28

Consider Approving the Conservation Commission’s Acceptance of a Deed to the Casella Property, Located Off of Nashua Road (Parcel 227-117) 00:14:40

Vote to Authorize Town Clerk to File Petition for Special Legislation to Combine Precincts 1 and 3A as Approved at the April 29, 2023 Spring Town Meeting 00:19:36

Approve Request from Cable Advisory Committee and Cable Director to Dedicate the Groton Channel Studio as “The Dorothy Davis Memorial Television Studio” 00:21:23

Designate Select Board Members Matt Pisani and Alison Manugian for the Town Manager’s TriComm Budget Working Group 00:25:05

Update - PFAS Issue 00:27:35

Update - Florence Roche Elementary School Construction Project 00:29:40

Minutes: Special Meeting of April 29, 2023 & Regularly Scheduled Meeting of May 1, 2023 00:32:09

Meeting Adjourned 00:33:43