Conservation Commission 5/23/23

Open Agenda

COC, MassDEP#169-1159, 228 Whiley Road 00:01:10

RDA: 572 Longley Road, for the construction of a retaining walls and restoration of an unpermitted trench 00:10:22

RDA: 260 Whiley Road, for the removal of downed trees in Duck Pond 00:34:43

Discussion with Greg Smith and Donna German, 42 Ridgewood Road, to solicit feedback on a proposed home addition 00:43:43

NOI: (MassDEP#169-not yet rc’vd) For the demolition of an existing residence and two outbuildings at 599 Lowell Road and the construction of a home addition and conversion of an outbuilding to residence at 601 Lowell Rd. 00:55:55

NOI: (MassDEP#169-1254), Pepperell Road R.O.W., for the installation/extension of a water main. 01:07:20

NOI: (MassDEP#169-1253), Sargisson Beach, for the addition of new beach sand. 01:09:07

OOC: Pepperell Road R.O.W., MassDEP#169-1254 01:11:05

RDA: 156 Shelters Road, for the removal of trees in the buffer zone. 01:26:15

Signing of RDAs 01:49:43

OOC: Sargisson Beach, MassDEP#169-1253 01:51:21

Review Forest Cutting Plan (Old Dunstable Road & Burnt Meadow Road) 01:59:43

Discuss FY23 LAND Grant 02:02:10

Committee Updates 02:19:52