Groton Select Board 9/6/22 via Internet Conference

Open Agenda

Announcements 00:02:37

Ratifying Appointment of Kara Cruikshank as Executive Assistant to the Town Manager 00:10:20

Janet Sheffield & Christine Robinson Appointments 00:13:07

Ratifying the Town Manager’s Appointment of Janet Sheffield to the Cable Advisory Committee and Christine Robinson as an Election Worker

Appointing Richard Lynch to the Trails Committee 00:14:24

Update on the Squannacook Sportsmen’s Club Clean-up 00:14:50

Update on September 12th, 2022 Special Town Meeting 00:38:26

Select Board Meeting Schedule 00:41:44

Adopting the Proposed Liquor License Violation Policy 00:42:57

Adopting the Proposed Cooling Center Policy 00:46:01

Approving and Adopting the Fiscal Year 2023 Goals and Objectives 00:49:22

One Day All Alcoholic License for the Marigold Re-Open House 00:52:02