Conservation Commission 9/27/22 via Internet Conference


Discussion on the Demolition of the Squannacook Sportsmen’s Club 00:01:53

COC, MassDEP#169-926, 284 Whiley Road 00:03:45

OOC, MassDEP#169-1240, 123 Martins Pond Road 00:09:12

Discuss “Virtual vs. In-Person” Meetings and the Development of a Hybrid Format 00:16:48

Discussion with NRWA on the MassDFW Proposed Barrens Restoration Along the Squannacook River 00:21:16

RDA#2022-22 (cont.), 9 Georgia Road 00:54:33

For the removal of trees and demolition of a condemned structure (J. Scira)

OOC, MassDEP#169-1239, 14 Valley Road 00:56:17

Mass Div. Conservation Services, LAND Grant Announcement 01:03:41

Florence Roche Elementary School Conservation Restriction 01:23:43

Review proposal to make the Conservation Restriction boundary.

Annual Mowing of Open Fields 01:42:52

On-Going Land Management Project Updates 01:46:20

Committee Updates 01:48:45

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