Groton Select Board 10/3/22

Open Agenda

Announcements and Review Agenda for the Public 00:00:22

Consider Ratifying the Town Manager's Appointment of Michael Masterson as a Police Officer with the Groton Police Department 00:05:45

Consider Ratifying the Town Manager’s Appointment of Amanda Urmann as the Land Use Administrative Assistant 00:08:59

Consider Ratifying the Town Manager’s Appointments of Virginia Steward, Jeanine Foisy and Dennis Levesque as Election Workers 00:10:23

Update on the Select Board Meeting Schedule Through the End of the Year 00:10:39

Approve and Issue the Warrant for the 2022 Fall Town Meeting 00:11:26

Accept Gift from Maple Avenue Realty Trust in the Amount of $50,000 to the Affordable Housing Trust 00:12:48

Consider Adopting a New Declaration of Trust and Creating a Trust Fund Known as the “Joseph P. DiPietro Memorial Scholarship Fund” as Recommended by the Commissioners of Trust Funds 00:14:06

Regularly Scheduled Meeting of September 19th, 2022 00:19:34