Conservation Commission 11/22/22

Open Agenda

Meeting Called to Order 00:00:00

NOI, (MassDEP# unassigned), 31 Kemp Street, 00:00:51

For the upgrade of an existing sewage disposal system.

NOI (MassDEP#169-1241), 23 Flavell Road 00:11:06

For the upgrade of an existing sewage disposal system.

Permitting - COC, 16 Longley Road, MassDEP#169-738 00:12:24

RDA, 201 Flavell Road 00:20:38

For the removal of hazardous trees (McMahan).

NOI (MassDEP# 169-1243) (), 295 Farmers Row (Groton School) 00:27:46

For the renovation of an existing structure and the construction of a detached garage.

ANRAD (MassDEP# 169-1242) (), 282 Farmers Row (Groton School) 00:38:32

Confirmation of a resource area delineation line.

Permitting - Discussion on Building Permit B-22-440, 52 Fieldstone Drive 00:44:03

RDA#2022-22 (cont.), 9 Georgia Road 00:48:47

For the removal of trees and demolition of a condemned structure (J. Scira).

Discuss Virtual vs. In-Person Meetings & Holiday Meeting Schedule 00:55:17

Update on FY23 LAND Grant 00:59:37

(On-going discussion item)

Update on Acquisition of Knopps Pond Island 01:02:14

Gauge GCC Interest in Land Conservation Along Old Dunstable Road 01:03:00

Committee Updates 01:04:06

Meeting Minutes 01:07:15

Invoices 01:08:49

Adjournment 01:11:02